What kind of steam generator

  • Imperial County Air Pollution Control District Rule 400.2

    Jan 01, 2020 · Heaters, or Steam Generators. A.2 This rule shall apply to any new or existing Process Heaters, Boilers or Steam Generators with a heat input rating of 5 million British Thermal Units (Btu) per hour or more, unless exempted pursuant to Section D of this rule. A.3 Boilers, Process Heaters and Steam Generators that are subject to theLearn More


    3.31 Unit: any boiler, steam generator or process heater as defined in this rule. 3.32 US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): the United States Environmental Protection Agency or any person authorized to act on its behalf. 4.0 Exemptions This rule shall not apply to: 4.1 Solid fuel fired units. 4.2 Dryers and glass melting furnaces.Learn More

  • Attachment A Board Resolution Rule 411

    1121 exemption - process heaters, kilns, and furnaces 1132 exemption - waste heat recovery boilers 1143 exemption - low fuel usage 114 exemption – standing pilot flame burner 200 definitions 201 annual fuel usage (heat input) 202 best available retrofit control technology (barct) 203 biomass 204 biomass boiler or biomass steam generatorLearn More