How much is the price of 1 ton coil steam generator

  • High-pressure steam locomotive - Wikipedia

    Steam was raised in the LP boiler at 225 psi (1.55 MPa), fed to the LP superheater, and then the LP cylinder. The LP exhaust fed the blastpipe in the smokebox. The HP exhaust condensed in the LP boiler heating tubes was pumped back to the HP steam generator. It was a complex system. ExampleLearn More

  • Head-end power - Wikipedia

    Older European cars used high voltage (or steam, supplied by steam locomotive (some diesels and electrics also had steam boilers fitted), there were also steam generator cars in use and some cars were fitted with coal- or oil-fired boiler) only for heating, while light, fans and other low-current supply (e.g. shaver sockets in bathrooms) power Learn More

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    Fulton Electric (FB-L & FB-W) Sizes: 12 kW - 1000 kW (1.2 BHP - 100 BHP) Vertical design steam boiler. Nearly Efficiency. Standard up to 300 PSI, custom up to 800 PSI. Zero NOx Emissions.Quiet and safe operations. Electric boilers have no wasted fuel going out the stack as associated with fossil fuels; therefore, electric boilers are Learn More

  • Superheated Steam Generators (200 to 3,000 BHP) - Clayton

    Clayton's superheated steam boilers (steam generators) use the same proven design as the basic steam generator that produces saturated steam, but with the addition of an integral steam superheating section to the helical coil. The use of the integral superheating section eliminates the need for a …Learn More

  • Railcar heating with steam | The Diesel Stop

    Apr 12, 2011 · rail car steam heating. We are currently working with railroad on same issue to steam heat rail cars of biodiesel and glycerin. Recommendations are for a min 15hp boiler that will produce 518 lbs/hr of steam up to 25 hp steam boiler (bhp=33.5 lbs/hr steam) 837 lbs/hr. Clayton & Fulton (gas/fuel oil burners) are ones that I have been looking at Learn More