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    Wind and water driven generators are being used to convert that energy into electrical energy. Some typical applications of Induction Generators are: A paper mill has a significant supply of available fuel in the bark and wood scrap. Used in a boiler, this can generate 4000 HP of excess steam. The largest single load is a 2000 HP, 3600 RPM pump.Learn More

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    mal" steam demand and the swings absorbed by the steam generator. Because the steam generator can be left cold until needed (5 min startup vs. heat up rates of as little as 20 F per hr in some boilers), fuel savings alone can often justify the cost. c Critical standby demands—If the steam …Learn More

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    run on biomass or biogas. A synopsis of key characteristics of each is shown in Table 6-1. Steam turbines—Convert steam energy from a boiler or waste heat into shaft power. Gas (combustion) turbines, including microturbines—Use heat to move turbine blades that produce electricity. Reciprocating internal combustion (IC) enginesLearn More

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    The following machines can perform the application in subject, however, any different requirement as to steam production, boiler capacity and nature of components can be met. Maxi16 Electric power 7 - 15 kW. Steam output 10 - 20.5 kg/h. Steam working pressure 0.5 - 7 bar. Maxi24 Electric power 6 - 22 kw. Steam output 8 - 30 kg/h.Learn More

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    generator. The steam then exits the turbine at a lower pressure and is used for thermal needs at the site. Boiler/steam turbines are typically used when solid fuels (e.g., coal and biomass) or process waste streams are available for CHP applications. Figure 3. Boiler with steam turbine. Figure 4. CHP installations in the United States.Learn More

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    1. Drying and direct heating – In food industry. 2. Heating of fluids in process industries – to heat air, oil, water which is a working medium in a process plant. 3. Producing steam by using a waste recovery boiler – The steam produced may be used for process application or for generation of electricity by using steam …Learn More