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  • Solving Neighboring Chimney Complaints Clearances …

    Gas boiler goes up chimney in house - Hot Water and Learn More

  • Gas boiler in bedroom upstairs, big job to move it

    The big pipe you've described is called a flue pipe. It does what a chimney does. Yes, it's possible to move that boiler to another location. You have two obstacles. First, obviously the financial cost. Secondly, when you move a boiler, it gets rattled in the process and there is a risk that it could develop issues.Learn More

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    the central heating boilers and into the boiler house. Experience has shown that domestic and central heating boiler flues should be led into separate stacks. In summer a shared chimney may be too large for small boilers alone to produce proper flue pull. Mr. McC, aged 54, was found dead in bed on June 1, 1968, a month before the hot spell.Learn More

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    Gas boiler goes up chimney in house - Hot Water and Learn More

  • Can I Still Have My Boiler Flue Down My Chimney?

    Nov 23, 2016 · Next, an 80mm plastic, flexible liner is fitted from the top of the chimney and connected to the end of the exhaust section of the flue, from the boiler located by the chimney. The boiler works just like any other room-sealed appliance, only the air intake is provided from the chimney drawing fresh air from the outside.Learn More

  • Can you remove a chimney flue for steam system?

    If you remove the chimney then the boiler would use a power vent to exhaust the combustion gases out through an opening on the side of the house. You would first have to determine if the current boiler could be retrofitted with a power vent, or if you need to replace the boiler. The distance the boiler is from the exterior wall may be an issue.Learn More

  • Central heating does not heat main room to required

    Feb 04, 2017 · I have tried to re-balance the rads. I have three small ones in 2nd bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and hall. I have turned down the lockshield valves on all the smaller rads but they still get very hot. The largest rad is the furthest away from the boiler.Its lockshield valve and flow valve are fully open. The boiler's CH temperature is set at 62 deg.Learn More

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    Chimney height rules: Height & Clearance Requirements for Learn More

  • Damp patch on ceiling and on wall next to boiler - MyBuilder

    Green mould on bedroom wall and black patch on ceiling. I noticed a while ago a patch of green mould on the wall in our back bedroom, at the other end of the room was a black patch on Damp on chimney breast wall 1st floor bedroom. I live in a 1958 detached 3 bedroom …Learn More

  • wood furnace and oil furnace but only ONE chimney

    wood-fired heating appliance may be vented into the same chimney flue as an oil-fired heating appliance provided that they are on the same floor - in some jurisdictions. Combination wood-oil fired heating boilers join wood and oil burners in the same physical unit, making this exception necessary if the boiler is to be used at all.Learn More

  • Chimney Clearances to Windows Chimney Spacing / Distance

    We have a chimney that ends half way the height of the building on the side of the building (not on top). The chimney is constantly blowing white smoke which enters through my daughter's room window. My question is what is in that white smoke and is it harmful to the health (gas boiler/baseboard water type of heating system).Learn More

  • Boiler in a Bedroom: Benefits, Considerations & Safety

    Many boilers are compact in size, so you'll be able to have it installed out of sight in a wardrobe. This does mean that you'll have to sacrifice some bedroom space for the boiler so only consider it if you can. Carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a highly poisonous gas that is produced as a result of faulty or unsafe gas appliances.Learn More

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    Home guide to flues, chimney and ventilation. Home guide to domestic liquid fuel-fired heating and cooking appliances. Home guide to why a liquid fuel-fired boiler should be serviced regularly. Home guide to domestic liquid fuel storage up to 3500 litres. Home guide to domestic fuel supply pipes. Home guide to solid fuel appliances. Home guide Learn More

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    Work to install a new boiler (or a cooker that also supplies central heating - Aga, Raeburn etc) needs Building Regulations approval because of the safety issues and the need for energy efficiency. This is generally achieved by employing an installer who is registered under an approved scheme. Gas Boiler – An installer should be Gas Safe Learn More

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    Northampton • Member since 31 Jul 2017 • 70 jobs, 99% positive feedback. 63886. i presume you mean the pipes are on the outside of the chimney breast, if so this is fine as we always use to run them there when back boilers were installed, and sometimes they stay there when converting to a combi. KefidT19:55:01+00:00. Answered 15th Nov Learn More

  • Best Heating Systems For Small Homes

    Boilers. While furnaces provide heat by heating air, boilers provide heat by boiling water. Boiler systems heat water, which is then passed through to the various radiators in each room. The most common fuel used in the boiling system is natural gas or oil. Heat Pumps. A heat pump extracts heat from one place and transfers it to another Learn More

  • Fanned Flue Too Close To Openable Window Q&A

    To know how much it what cost to get the boiler within the gas safe regulations if the flue is too close to the boiler would be determined if you can manoeuvre the flue or buy parts. Martin believe in 50% or more of boilers today, you may not be able to buy the parts and therefor require a new boiler …Learn More

  • 'Exhausty' smell in house when boiler runs — Heating Help

    A shot from the master bedroom side of the flue seems pretty suggestive. The start of the purple flare (warmer than the black parts) is about 4.5 feet above the floor on the second floor. My next step is to find a chimney sweep who can do video camera inspections.Learn More

  • Cement brick chimney next to boiler, debris and dead bird

    Jan 13, 2017 · Cement brick chimney next to boiler, debris and dead bird. Hi. I was poking around in the basement today and opened the (inspection port?) on the bottom of the cement brick type chimney that my boiler ties into. We don't have a chimney cap. Well, I was shocked to find a dead bird and a bunch of sand like (soot) material.Learn More

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    Oct 17, 2012 · My next step will be to fit a 'radiation shield' around the exposed pipe from the boiler to the chimney. I'll do the 6" section first, I'm going to use a section of 8" flue pipe and suspend it around the 6" to see what difference that will make in the losses between the breech and the chimney.Learn More